Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[Ubuntu] Lubuntu or Xubuntu?

I like the Unity environment in Ubuntu 12.10, but it tends to run too slow on my aging Acer Aspire 4720z laptop. So should I go for Xubuntu (XFCE 4.1) or Lubuntu (LXDE), the two famous desktop environment?

I searched online and got a very useful article with a very thoughtful chart for comparison, thanks Arindam Sen for his great article:

I started with XFCE and very quickly I dropped it off and switch to Lubuntu. Why? The keyboard shortcut doesn't seems to work no matter how many times I have configured and save it. So I gave it up just because of this? YES! To have the keyboard shortcut work probably is very crucial. And there are a few small issues like system crashes (unknown reason), despite not very severe but I want to focus on work rather than solving system problems.

Switching to Lubuntu is very welcoming, and things are pretty good except for the keyboard shortcut setup. It's such a shame that Lubuntu doesn't even have a GUI to configure custom keyboard shortcut. Luckily there are Obkey (which can be found on Google Code), and the brilliant xbindkeys.

To get xbindkeys works straight-away is not as clear cut for first time user. But after a while everything seems to work alright. I would discuss further in my next post on the use of xbindkeys, a possible bug that found by me during the setup, as well as how to setup keyboard shortcuts in Lubuntu without any GUI.

Stay tuned!

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