Sunday, August 31, 2014

[Alt] key problem when remote desktop Windows via Remmina

If you are using Xfce 4 and encounter the following problems using [Alt] key inside Microsoft Windows remote desktop session:

  • [Alt] key does not work as per expected
  • clicking [Alt] + mouse middle button move you away from your remote desktop session
then you should try this simple and straight forward trick before going too technical.
  • Go Settings > Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks > Accessibility > "Key used to grab and move windows" > set it to "None"

Voila! Now it should works like charm. Otherwise... you might have to Google around and read about re-map key, etc.. Good luck!


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  2. WOW! Thank you! You just saved my life! :-)
    Gogo, Czech Republic 2018.