Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Never sign up VPS from this company

Recently I have sign up a VPS from a company call WideVPS, and it is really the worst hosting company that I have ever encounter. For those of you who like an affordable hosting, please be careful with the company:

  1. The VPS is activated after a few hours of waiting. (they claimed it is instant activation)
  2. Support ticket tooks 4 hours to response. (they claimed 1-hour response)
  3. Ticket was closed even the issue has not been resolved. I created a Windows VPS for testing before moving to linux, during the sign up I have key-in a password for the VPS. When it is finally up after 4-hours, the password I entered is not working!! I then open a ticket and email, it tooks 2 days and never resolved! All I get is.... I will send you the info in next email. Then? I receive no email at all.
  4. Submitted a PayPal dispute, but they never response to the dispute. (so you can see they are not serious in the business at all)
And this morning I receive their invoice asking me to renew the hosting, but until today I'm not able to use the VPS at all!

Guys and Gals, be careful. I'm glad if you have good experience with them. But if you are still considering, just make sure you contact them before sign up and then judge yourself. I hope you will then not wasting money like I did.

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