Friday, December 21, 2012

[Fedora] Mounting a network shared folder under LXDE X11 Desktop

Switching from Xfce to LXDE has made me unable to access my network shared folder. The reason is using Nautilus in Xfce will automatically mount the network folder. But in LXDE, the network folder is not mounted by default, and I need to mount it using command line.

The bad thing is as a novice user, command line doesn't work as smooth. Luckily there is a tools namely "Gigolo" to simplify the procedure. It is located under Application Menu > System Tools > Gigolo. In some case it does not come with LXDE installation, then one would need to manually install it, yum install gigolo.x86_64.

Open up Gigolo we can see a connect button, press it and set the following:

  • Service type = Windows Share
  • Server = your server hostname / IP address
  • Share = the shared folder you would like to mount
  • Domain = this can be left blank
  • Username = username to access the server
Once enter / connect is pressed, there could be a pop up dialog (single line field) asking for password. For some reason entering password doesn't get rid of this dialog. Simply close it, then there will be another dialog box pop up, this time with two text field - Domain & Password. Simply ignore the Domain field and key in password. Voila! The network folder is now mounted.

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