Monday, December 24, 2012

[Fedora] Samba File Sharing Revisit

Update 25/12/12 17:40
Alright, I have much better idea what happen now. The pcmanfm file explorer that come with LXDE does not auto mount network folder, but Dolphin will do the trick.

As for the cifs-utils, that is needed to mount network folder from within the terminal.

So what about samba stuffs? I haven't dig into that, but if you have problem, no harm to install that.

I hope this update will make things clearer.


Network file sharing is not easy in Linux. Despite my Xfce works fine with Samba network, but I have no luck on newly installed LXDE.

So what's the problem with it? To be very honest, I did not analyse the problem, initially I work around with mount & umount discussed in previous post. But today I have installed a few stuff from the package manager and it seems to work now directly from within Dolphin.

Below are packages that you may try to install to get it works:

  1. cifs-utils
  2. autofs (I guess this one is to deal with USB stick, cd/dvd, rather than network. But if you haven't install, you may try this.)
  3. samba-common
  4. samba Server and Client software to interoperate with Windows machine
Somehow, I feel it is the cifs-utils which do the trick. I would not dig to the root of this issue, perhaps next time. Until then, I hope this will help.

And one last thing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!!

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