Friday, February 22, 2013

[Ubuntu] How to configure Smartmontools to send email report

There are a few steps-by-steps tutorial to teach you how to configure Smartmontools to email report to you when drives failed. But to get it works is may not be as simple as complete the steps written.

Especially for Ubuntu users, most of you that encountered this problem may have followed the instruction here:

The documentation is very good indeed and it explains almost everything. However, it forgot to mention that if you are not sending email to root account, you are actually sending email externally and the mail simply may not work on that.

How to tackle this has been documented here:
*Despite it is for Arch Linux, but it works fine to configure Ubuntu.

Basically, you would have to configure ssmtp or any other MTA (Mail Transport Agent) so that Ubuntu can use it to send email to you.

The setup is rather simple, you can get guidance from:

I hope this post will help any of you solve this issue quickly, need not to be like me wasting few hours to searching for solution just to get this simple function work.

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