Friday, February 22, 2013

[Ubuntu] Oracle Java 7 Runtime Installation Error

First, I didn't not use manual method for the installation. Instead, I used the PPA method which discussed under here:

However, the installation halted in half way due to my HDD running out of space.

After cleaning up the space and re-run with:
apt-get install -f

It keeps giving me this error:
 Setting up oracle-java7-installer (7u15-0~webupd8~1) ...  
 Installing from local file /var/cache/oracle-jdk7-installer/jdk-7u15-linux-x64.tar.gz  
 Removing outdated cached downloads...  t
 mv: cannot move `jdk1.7.0_15' to `java-7-oracle/jdk1.7.0_15': Directory not empty  
 dpkg: error processing oracle-java7-installer (--configure):  
  subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1  
 Errors were encountered while processing:  

And this error has disabled Synaptic Package Manager from function properly.

Tried a few solutions but to no avail:
  • apt-get purge
    - cannot be run
  • apt-get autoremove
    - cannot be run
  • dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq oracle-java7-installer
  • - This is a great article suggesting a few solutions, big thanks to the author. It may help you to solve Java7 installation problem, give it a try. Especially the step 6, it has successfully remove the oracle-java7-installer and get apt-get work again, but that does not install Java 7 which is our initial intention. Read on...
  • Remove the installer file located in /var/cache/oracle-jdk7-installer, then re-download & run the installer... cannot resolve the problem as well
And what did the magic is... delete the directory 'jdk1.7.0 15' located inside the 'java-7-oracle', then re-run the installer apt-get install -f. Voila! The installation should complete without any more hassle.

What happened?

The 'jdk1.7.0 15' & 'java-7-oracle/jdk1.7.0 15' are actually located in /var/cache, but for some reason the 'jdk1.7.0 15' is already exist in 'java-7-oracle' folder. When the installer try to copy it into the parent folder, it cannot overwrite it, suggested by the error message 'Directory not empty'.

Somehow, this cannot be solved by changing the directory write permission, so delete the directory has become the immediate working method.

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